ebm-papst Slovenija

ebm-papst Slovenija d.o.o. is a producer of small electrical motors and fans. We are one of the leading players in the industry of motors for household appliances in Europe and worldwide in terms of quality, quantity and flexibility.

We manufacture over a thousand various end products, varying in terms of appearance and integration options (drying and washing machines, refrigerators, hot air and microwave ovens, independent fans).

Our vision is to establish a production centre for motors and fans as well as their sets for household appliances for the entire ebm-papst group in Podskrajnik, Slovenia.

The company was first located in the vicinity of the 500-years-old town Idrija (this is where it got its name, Ydria), known as one of the largest mercury mine in the world and famous for the Idrija lace. It developed from the former plant of Iskra from ┼Żelezniki, which later became Iskra Rotomatika, then Rotomatika, part of which finally became Ydria Motors. Due to problems with space, the company decided in 2002 to find a more suitable location and moved to Podskrajnik, the Municipality of Cerknica.

ebm-papst Slovenija is wholly owned by ebm-papst Landshut GmbH with a wide spread sales network all over the world. The company exports as much as 95% of its production and only 5% is sold on the domestic market. In 2006 it established a new international logistics centre which is in charge of accepting materials and dispatching equipment from the parent company in Landshut and Mulfingen and distributing products directly to end buyers. It is also a system supplier of electrical motors and fans for key large customers – producers of top-class home appliances such as Miele, BSH, Gorenje, AEG and Electrolux.

The company manufactures more than one thousand different end products, differing in terms of appearance and integration options (drying and washing machines, refrigerators, fan and microwave ovens, independent fans).

The company follows the principle which says that a company must live in symbiosis with the town in which it operates. Therefore, sponsorships and donations are an essential part of our operations. Above all, we support activities that are in any was connected with our employees and investments in the area where the employees come from. We also support positive impacts on the environment and the community and the activities based on voluntary work. Thus the company fulfils part of its social responsibility, its value and care for the future.