Vission and mission

The company's vision is to become the leading producer and developer within ebm-papst in the field of small motors, pumps, fans and their components for white goods.

Its mission is to ensure customer and owner satisfaction by its own know-how, technology and constant adjustment to requirements as well as to act responsibly towards employees and the environment.


  • Close cooperation between the owners and the management of the company and horizontally between departments of ebm-papst companies.
  • Promotion of good partner relations – provide customers competitive advantage on the market and establish a high level of mutual trust with suppliers.
  • The company will continue combining experience with know-how – continuous investments in employee know-how.

Company policy

Focusing on customers and their needs and protection of the environment with its global climate goals

We are seeking to have an honest relationship with our customers, one based on partnership.

This is why our company policy focuses on the customer and his needs and specifications and does not only comprise the product as such but also technical sales support, deliveries and after sales services.

With our sales organisation orienting itself on international standards, we assist our customers and solve their specific problems in air technology and drive engineering and endeavour to meet the worldwide targets for sustainability. Not only by offering quick and professional support, but also by the having the widest range of highly efficient fans. We call it Green Tech.

It is our endeavour to realise optimal solutions together with our customers. In so doing, our focus in addition to energy efficiency is quality, environmental compatibility, work safety and economy.


The ultimate entrepreneurial objective is to maintain financial independence. To this end, operating profit is essential. And so we continuously strive to improve our products, our processes and - last but not least - our quality.

Quality is designed and produced

For our customers worldwide, the name “ebm-papst” is synonymous with good quality. To us, quality is more than the comprehensive compliance with all customer specifications and the demands placed by society.

To us, quality is a matter of corporate policy of the first order, and it is thus systematically planned and developed.

Our quality policy does not stop at identifying and sorting out non-conforming products. Much more our quality philosophy is focused on avoiding mistakes before they happen. „Zero defects” is therefore the defined objective of the ebm-papst group.

Identifying risks and taking action

Deliberate risk management with suitable tools like FMEA, evaluation matrix for environmental aspects, assessment of occupational health and safety and social responsibility, will avoid potential damage or accidents.

Appropriate emergency planning protects against all conceivable incidents.

To avoid negative impacts to the environment, risks have to be evaluated at an early stage and, as long as this makes economic sense, minimized by using the best available technology. This applies to ground-water and soil protection as well as all types of emissions, the selection and use of ecological beneficial energy sources, and using the very best external service providers to operate on ebm-papst property.

Healthy solutions for our products and production that also go soft on the environment

At a very early stage, we started to develop energy-saving motors and fans in EC technology, thus meeting our inner personal obligation to help conserve our world climate.

„Any new product development must economically and ecologically outperform its predecessor.“ - Gerhard Sturm, company founder

Our activities also focus on developing motors and fans low in noise to help minimize noise pollution.

We are also constantly striving to find practicable ways of reducing or avoiding waste. Our first priority when developing new products is that the materials used are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. All members of staff are committed to avoiding environmental pollution.

Complying with legal requirements

All members of staff are committed to complying with legal requirements and regulatory stipulations it regards environmental care, work safety and health protection, as well as the safety of our products and equipment reliability.

Generally accepted technical guidelines such as those established by institutions such as CSA, CCC, Gost, KBA, UL, and VDE, are recognized and adhered to. Thus, we offer motors and fans conforming to these norms and standards in being environmentally compatible, energy saving, durable, and recyclable and which also reach our customers by environmentally safe means of transport and in eco-friendly packaging.

We are in constant and open dialogue with the authorities in charge, our neighbours and the interested public. Moreover, ebm-papst accepts social responsibility to protect our environment and to safeguard the state of health of our staff.

Partnership with our suppliers

In partnership with our suppliers and service providers, we assist them in developing the same environmental and quality standards we established for ourselves Working together as a team with our suppliers helps us in getting even better and faster.

Health and safety

Safety at work throughout all workplaces and in all departments is as important to us as are quality, environmental care and economic success. In cases of doubt, safety comes first.

Protecting health and safety of our staff is a matter of special concern to the company management.

All members of staff are also called upon to accept their responsibility in making sure all safety recautions designed to protect health and ensure safety at work are in compliance. Everybody is obliged to point out any identified hazard, and everybody is entitled to having such potential hazards removed.

Keeping to tasks and obligation

It is a matter of concern to the company to design and continuously improve workplaces, equipment and operating processes for our staff in such a way as to meet all safety and health specifications - always in keeping with the latest state of technology.

All superiors are bound to enforce and honour all necessary actions and precautions aimed at safety at work. Further responsibilities are defined in the job specifications of those members of staff especially assigned to these aspects.

First and foremost, however, each member of staff is responsible for his/her own health and safety, the quality of the work he/she produces and for protecting the environment.

All information required to understand and comprehend the impact of our company on the environment is freely available.

All management representatives, our specialists for safety at work and our company doctor support all superiors and put their specialist knowledge at their disposal. Superiors, specialists and all members of the works council have to actively support and co-ordinate cooperation and to aid one another.

Awareness of one’s responsibility for quality, environment and safety at work has to be promoted on all levels and is as such a constant managerial task. Procedures and regulations for doing so are defined in the management system documentation. The Board of Directors itself commissions audits at regular intervals to safeguard implementation, improvement and continuous advancement of the management system.

Obligation for continuous improvement

Each year, the company management draws up a business plan outlining actions to be taken and objectives to be met. Analysing all data, comparing the business results with the defined targets and also comparing our company to competitors supports the annual assessment of how effective our management system really is and paves the way for any necessary corrective or preventive measure. This results in the continuous improvement of our management system, our competitiveness and, most importantly, to customer satisfaction. We recognize our weak points and make sure we improve on them. Yet we also recognize what is proved and tested and continue to make proper use of it. Getting a clear view and setting priorities, constantly shortening the period of time elapsing between a failure occurring and a failure being spotted - these are the basic principles of good and solid quality and environmental management.

We firmly commit ourselves to evaluating environmental aspects, reducing environmental impacts and continuously improving the environmental performance of our company. We keep working on the jointly defined environmental programme and endeavour to achieve all the objectives it defines. Efficiency and effectiveness of our actions are checked in our management review.

Economical use of energy

Through a systematic energy management we assess and continuously improve the usage itself and the quantity of our companies energy input. Target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts as well as energy cost.

Supporting staff

All members of staff are tied into the process of constant diminishing of deviations from targets set. Engaging in open and fair dialogue, keeping staff constantly informed, offering training and promoting awareness for quality and environmental issues helps to advance staff motivation and satisfaction. Inter-departmental teamwork also advances thinking along process lines.

Respecting ethical rules

We respect fundamental ethical rules of behaviour. This is why we in our company do not tolerate any difference being made in treating people of different background and origin. We can rely on each other and support each other generously. We talk with each other, not about each other. And we make sure child labour is neither caused nor aided and abetted to at our suppliers or in our own production facilities.